In May 2016, Lubbock, Texas ignored independent scientific facts and passed an ordinance requiring all corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) gas piping products used in the City to meet a modified and unsanctioned LC-1027 listing.

This new Lubbock listing was written by Titeflex Corporation and other self-interested parties to give the FlashShield® product a monopoly in the City because it is the only CSST product that allegedly meets the modified LC-1027 listing that the City of Lubbock has unilaterally created.  Even worse, the FlashShield® product is prone to corrosion and is difficult to install – you’ll need Kevlar gloves when you cut that aluminum mesh.

WHY does this matter?

Contractors like you put your reputation on the line with every job, which is why you want to use the products that you know and trust.  But, the City of Lubbock won’t let you pick your “go to” CSST product and is dictating that you use the FlashShield® product, removing any choice you have in the market.

Neither the City of Lubbock – nor any other community – has the right to dictate how you work and to force you to use an unsanctioned product listing.  The City’s action limits free enterprise and puts public safety at risk.


We need to protect our businesses and livelihoods.  Let’s make our voices heard to let the City of Lubbock know that the building community opposes their actions.

Sign our online petition urging Mayor Dan Pope and the Lubbock City Council to reverse its decision. The Mayor’s office can also be reached by phone at (806) 775-2010 and at via email.

There is already an internationally recognized standard in place to ensure the safe design of CSST.  ANSI LC-1 has been in place all across the country for more than 20 years and there is no reason to move away from something that works and ensures public safety.

That is the how the Texas State Legislature and Governor saw it when they recently enacted a law that prohibits cities in Texas from casting aside proven national standards like ANSI LC-1 for an unproven listing that was written by Titeflex for its own interests.

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