Attend the June 16th Meeting with the Mayor

Your support is important in getting Lubbock’s anti-competitive LC-1027 CSST Gas Pipe ordinance overturned. When small businesses and citizens raise their voices, we have a much better chance of making sure local leadership understands why ordinances like this one are bad for your community.

Your attendance could be a difference maker in ending Lubbock’s unproven LC-1027 CSST Gas Pipe ordinance. Check out a few questions we think would be helpful for Mayor Pope to address should you plan on attending this Saturday.

Event Details

June 16, 7:30am

Market Street at 4205 98th Street

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Questions for Mayor Pope

  1. Why does Lubbock, TX have a city ordinance in place creating a monopoly in the CSST gas pipe industry? Do you know by limiting product choice in the CSST Gas Pipe market, local small businesses and consumers are forced to use only one unproven product?
  2. The State of Texas has passed legislation that prohibits cities from banning safe and reliable building products such as CSST gas pipe that meets the nationally recognized ANSI LC-1 standard. Why is Lubbock the only city in Texas and the United States to have this type of ordinance?
  3. Do you know that the government mandated CSST gas pipe product in Lubbock, FlashShield, has a built-in corrosion problem and does not even meet the performance levels of its own LC-1027 product listing?
  4. Do you think its ethical that the city used people with conflicts of interest to push that ordinance?  The city fire marshal who pushed this CSST product received gratuities from lawyers who would profit from a government mandated monopoly in Lubbock. Are you concerned this ordinance was created to benefit special interests and not the safety of the average Lubbock citizen?