You work hard and put your reputation behind your work. Elected officials and code agencies should not unilaterally make changes without hearing from you. We have to bring the facts to them and let them know how our partners – like you – think about this issue. As a trusted partner of Ward Manfacturing, your support matters because it shows local and state regulators that there are significant concerns around the adoption of the LC1027 gas pipe listing.

By signing up below, you formally add your name in saying NO to LC1027 to protect product choices for your business and the safety of your community.


While some states have begun to reverse their decision to use LC1027, in many other communities the LC1027 gas pipe listing is still up for consideration. We’ve shown that a united voice against this regulatory change can make a difference and we need your support to keep the pressure on. This isn’t just about Ward Manufacturing, that is why we created a Coalition with other organizations in the gas pipe listing including OmegaFlex and Valencia Pipe Company.

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