The CSST Industry Coalition

LC1027: Galvanic Corrosion


If LC1027 is adopted by a town or city or even state code agency, the following products would be banned from the market:

Other CSST Products

Products you use and trust everyday will be banned – elected officials and inspectors will dictate what choices you can make. This will create a monopoly and you will be forced to use either one unproven LC1027 product, or go back to lugging steel pipe with a big hit to your bottom line.

There is no scientific or technical reason to move away from proven ANSI LC-1 Standard

The ANSI LC-1 product listing is safe, proven and reliable. There is no technical justification for the performance levels that are claimed in LC1027.

The LC1027 listing:

  • Was written by one manufacturer for its own patented product.
  • Will create a monopoly for one company and will prevent competition and free enterprise.
  • Has been rejected by national and state code agencies.

The only product listed to LC1027 has been independently tested and shown it couldn’t meet its own listing. Claims that LC1027 raises the bar for safety don’t stand up to rigorous independent testing.

That product will also corrode at the fitting due to galvanic corrosion between the mesh and the fitting.


Sign the online petition to make your voice heard. Elected officials and code enforcement agencies need to know that you oppose ANY attempts to adopt the untested LC1027 listing.

You work hard and put your reputation behind your work. Elected officials and code agencies should not unilaterally make changes without hearing from you. We have to bring the facts to them and let them know how key stakeholders – like you – think about this issue.


Misleading efforts are being made to change the rules for the benefit of one manufacturer and push a flawed design for an unproven product. The LC1027 listing is not recognized by any national building codes or state authorities.

Learn the Truth About LC1027


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The CSST Industry Coalition is comprised of three of the leading natural gas piping manufacturers – OmegaFlex, Inc., Valencia Pipe Company, Inc., and Ward Manufacturing LLC, — who want to ensure that consumers continue to have access to safe and proven CSST products.